The Eora  Centre
For Aboriginal Studies
The Eora Centre for visual and perfoming arts and Aboriginal studies is a campus of Sydney Institute. The Centre offers people full time certificate courses in a wide range of subjects. Courses range from Basic Adult Education to specialised professional development in the Visual and Perfoming Arts.

College Director Darryl Griffin
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. Aboriginal people, both young and old, urban or rural, are provided with technology and training in such areas as video, computers, photography, drama, music, print making, painting, drawing, sculpture, and Aboriginal Studies.

The Eora Centre

333 Abercrombie Street

NSW 2008

Phone: (02) 9217 4878
Fax: (02) 9217 4072


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Student Achievements
Graeme Kellner
Roy Kennedy
Jason Shaw
Rae Stewart (NAIDOC Week 2001)
Matthew Stewart. (Prize )
Gregory Vincent


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Sydney Acoustic Guitar Festival
Weekend of Sept 14th and 15th.

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Graduation 2000
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Opera Ochre is a music theatre company for Australian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal composers, musicians, singers and crew can join hands in creative processes achieving a reconciliation of lifestyles, philosophies and music styles on the common ground of the stage.

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Dali mana gamarata dali Eora
(To Call Many Friends to Eora) 

Eora is a unique centre that specialises in Performing and Visual Arts. It is also the centre for the Faculty of Aboriginal Studies. Eora derives its name from the Aboriginal clan group that occupied the Sydney area before European settlement.

The centre was the culmination of ideas by Aboriginal people for the community within the Redfern area of Sydney in 1987. It has become one of six campuses within TAFE Sydney Institute.

The centre is dedicated to re-establishing lost pride in Aboriginal culture through the Arts and Access Education programs. It is a centre where Aboriginal people can acquire the academic skills to move into higher education or worthwhile employment in an environment more accustomed to Aboriginal learning styles.

Eora is also committed to helping educate the wider community in Aboriginal culture through programs such as Aboriginal Studies. To be an educator for schools, industry, business and the community in an effort to break down racial discrimination and to educate the wider community about the oldest culture in the world.

Eora is a great place with great people doing great things. Where respect for our elders and the feeling of pride, is vital for the future of Eora and the generations of Aboriginal people to come!

It is my dream that Eora becomes a Centre of Excellence in Visual and Performing Arts for Aboriginal people. To establish a national and international profile where indigenous people throughout the world can share their culture, knowledge and visions for the future.

College Director Darryl Griffin


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